Environmental Site Assessment

Newspaper Printing Plant
Environmental Due Diligence

Tacoma, WA 

Key Tasks:

  • Industrial Plant Environmental Due Diligence

  • On-Site Field Testing

  • Health & Safety Management

Key Features:

  • Covered large industrial structure totaling more than 250,000 square feet

  • Ensure eligibility of the innocent landowner provision of the All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) Rule\

  • Provided multiple cost estimates for remedial action for purchase negotiations


GEI completed a Phase I ESA and Phase II ESA of the 12-acre parcel of land that has been developed as an office space and newspaper printing plant in the City of Tacoma.  The Phase I ESA was completed with strict adherence to environmental regulations, guidance, and industry standards to ensure eligibility of the innocent landowner provision of the All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) Rule.  The 254,845 square foot structure was constructed between 1972 and 1974.  Based on our very in-depth assessment, GEI also completed a thorough Phase II ESA to further investigate the potential presence of on-site contamination due to on-site and off-site sources.  GEI completed all tasks in an expedited timeframe to meet the very challenging due diligence period by the client and 20% under budget.

Ketron Island Project
Emergency Response, Environmental Site Assessment, Recovery, and Remediation

Ketron Island, Pierce County, WA

Key Tasks:

  • Emergency Response

  • Environmental Contamination Characterization and Remediation in Soil

  • On-Site Field Testing

  • UST Decommissioning

  • Health & Safety Management

Key Features:

  • Negotiated scope of remedial action with multiple departments of the Washington State Department of Ecology

  • Actual Remedial Action Cost well under budget



Within 30 minutes of notification, GEI mobilized to this isolated island in Washington State to respond to the scene of a commercial airplane crash.  Immediately upon arrival, GEI initiated site response actions, including assessing potential environmental and personnel health and safety concerns and cataloging areas of significant concern.  Upon the completion of a full site investigation, GEI remediated areas of contamination to enable safe passage by contractors and the general public. GEI’s swift actions ensured limited contaminant mobility and cost effective remediation.  


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